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Gallery of Northern Norway

The Gallery of Northern Norway is an exhibition space for works in visual and interdisciplinary arts from established as well as emerging artists. It was established to provide the region with a place where diverse art forms, traditional as well as experimental are accessible. With our diverse exhibitions we aim to challenge and expand public understanding and perception of contemporary art issues, to encourage vision, reflection, communication and discovery. 


The gallery, designed by one of Norway’s leading architects, Jan Inge Hovig, was originally Harstad´s swimming pool and was redesigned by A3 Architekt AS in 2000. The result is a 400m2 white space divided into a main salon, an inner room to accommodate black box work and a mezzanine gallery. The Gallery of Northern Norway took its name from its location as the midpoint for the region of North Norway, which spans over 2000 miles, from Brønnøysund in the south to Honningsvåg, the most northerly city in mainland Norway. The name has also come to represent the gallery’s ability to draw national and international artists and collaborate with national institutions and organisations.